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Brief Introduction on G-Team

G-Team was established in 1976 and is specialized in the business of exports and imports on industrial hardware for about 27 years.

G-Team is mainly dealing with the following business items:

  • Coated Abrasives
  • Non-woven Abrasives
  • Portable Pneumatic Tools and Power Tools
  • Hardware and Accessories for the above relative products
  • Fan and Blower
  • Products for automobile repairing & refinishing service
  • Since G-Team has already established good relationship with lots of industrial customers through the advantage of good products, G-Team has owned good connection with the industries of Aircraft, Automobile, Cement, Construction, Electron, Furniture, Machinery, and Tool.

    In 1998, J-Bright Co., Ltd. was established for expanding much more G-Team's exporting business and has already built up good sales result of automobile repairing parts in Japan for the past 4 years.

    In order to secure best service to the customers in Mainland China, G-Team set up a new branch office in Shanghai registered as G-Team Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. since 1999. G-Team is not only a commissioning international trading company but also providing good service through abundant products in our warehouse and high efficiency abrasives conversion facilities in our plant for domestic sales. Both of Taipei and Shanghai has the similar function to satisfy quick services at site to customers.

    Your support and assistance would be G-Team's great honor.

    G-Team ……
    A Group of Good people works together with Gentle mind to create Good business in connecting with people in the world to approach a Global Peaceful land under God's Blessing.

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